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Easy sports team management

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  • Get reminders before every game and practice on your phone
  • Chat with your teammates from anywhere
  • Check and compare your stats against your teammates
  • Organize multiple teams with one account
  • Pay team fees simply, securely and quickly

Team managers

For team managers and players

  • Always know who's coming to every game, practice and team event 
  • Send event invitations and reminders by email, in-app or text message
  • Collect money without the hassle of hounding your team
  • Assign equipment and refreshments



Make sure you always have enough players by adding spare players to your team's roster. If you're short players, RosterBot ensures you can field a squad! 

Who's in and who's out

Know exactly who's attending your team's games and practices with automated invites and RSVPs.

Create and RSVP for events, edit your roster and send team messages from your computer, tablet or with RosterBot's iOS and Android apps.  

RosterBot's cross-platform synchronization means you are always up-to-date for all your teams! 

Team communication

Keep players, parents and fans in the loop with live team chat, group email and instant updates for all events.


Money collection

Your sports anywhere

Collect money from your teammates simply and securely. Keep track of who's paid, who hasn't and let RosterBot handle the reminders. 

Full rosters every game



Plus .20¢ per player per month

RosterBot Pro


RosterBot Pro teams get all free features, plus:


RosterBot helps teams of all sports and sizes. 


For basic team management

  • Send event invitations, RSVPs and reminders by email or in-app
  • Collect and track payments and send payment reminders 
  • Send instant messages or group emails to the entire team
  • Define positions/roles and define how many of each for every event
  • Class players as full-time or spare and send event invitations separately
  • Use multiple players with a single RosterBot profile to directly manage multiple players 
  • Import league schedules
  • Collect and record player emergency contact information
  • Track player activity
  • Send event invitations, RSVPs and reminders to any mobile device with text messages
  • Tell your team what refreshments and gear each event needs - these can be auto-assigned or players can volunteer to bring them
  • Create and record any type of statistic for your team and players
  • Set start and end dates for multiple seasons to break up statistics and schedules
  • Get exclusive offers on sports equipment, events and other deals from RosterBot's partners
  • Get event weather forecasts 
  • Get premium support from helpful RosterBot staff



"RosterBot saves a lot of time, improves accuracy and eliminates the need to personally monitor IN responses."

Pete Arnstein - Hot Shots Hockey

Plays hockey in Illinois

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What our customers say

Jamie Vargas - U11 Golden Bears 

Plays lacrosse in Maryland

'Let me express my gratitude for Rosterbot, it has simplified the management of my Lacrosse team.'

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